Technical Writer cum Business Analyst

Hey! readers, this is my very first post. I am Naina Mittal, a technical writer cum business analyst. Yes, you read it right and am sure many people are pursuing their job with this mixed profile. I have got into this profile through a clumsy path and have researched a lot. So, I am writing for all the confusions related to this combined profile. How to deal with various trade-offs that come with this profile like finding a job and performing job responsibilities with your profile. We will talk about the wide list of knowledge, responsibilities, and tools you must know being a technical writer, business analyst and being both (imagine how much daunting task it is).

Talking around technical writer cum business analyst job profile we can’t miss how fast software industry is evolving with this at present and job opportunity’s  emerging with it. This profile main cornerstones are strong vocab, grammar, great communication skills, interest in the wide spectrum of technologies (new every single second…huh ) and of course you must be a researcher. My profile has lot more skills, that I will like to discuss in details by bifurcating my profile into separate topics(technical writer and business analyst). So, stick to my blogs to know all the basics, skills, education and intricacies with technical writer cum business analyst profile.

Coming soon with my next blog, to get you know in and outs of technical documents………..Decode the basics of Technical Writer.


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